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Over the past few days, Europe has been engulfed by a continent-wide summer chill as brutal Arctic air rode anomalously-far south on the back of a meridional jet stream flow.

Temperature anomalies were forecast to sink by as much as 16C below the seasonal average on Wednesday, July 15–particularly across eastern Europe.

Very few regions were spared, as depicted and predicted by the GFS:

GFS 2m Temp Anomalies (C) for July 15 [].

Global warming appears to be in charge in Portugal, northern Poland, and parts of Scandinavia; but weather is most definitely ruling the remainder of the continent.

And as we know, the Mainstream Media has no interest in those “blues” and “purples”, and so articles/reports on this record summer chill are hard to come by — if you happen to live in one of the regions that’s experienced an anomalous summer chill of late –so practically anywhere in Europe– I ask that you get in contact and include a link to your local news source, so I can feature it on EV.

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