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Record Summer Cold Sweeps the Netherlands

Record Summer Cold Sweeps the Netherlands

According to, 5 weather stations across northern Holland have just busted all-time low temperature records for the month of July.

Since record books began, the daily-high has never been lower in the regions of Leeuwarden, Nieuw-Beerta, Lauwersoog, Hoorn, and Vlieland.

A max of just 13.7C was registered in Vlieland, smashing the village’s old record of 16.2C set in 2000. 

Lauwersoog set a new record low-max of 14.9C.

Nieuw-Beerta shivered through 14.7C.

Hoorn saw 16.2C.

And Leeuwarden’s 14.1C beat-out 1978’s record of 14.3C.

One that narrowly missed out: Eelde’s reading of 14.2C on July 9 came close to busting its all-time low-max of 14.0C — set back in 1909. That reading did however beat-out the next two coldest days: 2000’s 14.8C and 1978’s 15.1C.

Since Friday, the anomalous summer cold has persisted across Holland:

And the chill is actually intensifying across the majority of Europe, too.

Here, temperature departures up and down the continent look set to tumble some 4C-12C below the seasonal average as July progresses:

GFS 2m Temp Anomalies — July 14 []