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Proof that NASA and NOAA are erasing the Arctic’s 1940s “warming blip”

Proof that NASA and NOAA are erasing the Arctic’s 1940s “warming blip”

Tony Heller’s website is a one-stop shop for exposing government agency data-fudging. For decades, NASA/NOAA have been cooling the past so as to create a fake warming trend — all in a desperate attempt to sustain their failing AGW theory.

Furthermore, and not to get too personal here, but why are the scientists at the heart of the fraud such slimy, thinned-skinned wusses–desperate to evade scrutiny at all costs? What do they have to hide?

Case in point, watch this embarrassing interview with NASA’s Gavin Schmidt. Schmidt only agreed to speak if it “wasn’t a debate”. And while I urge you watch the entire video, particularly the parts with the excellent Dr Roy Spencer (a real climate scientist btw), skip to 2:00 and then to 6:30 if you’re interested in Schmidt’s “la la la, I’m not listening to you” evading tactics.

Climate Scientist Gavin Schmidt runs in fear from a debate

So NASA refuses to debate an issue which supposedly negatively impacts every living organism on the planet — and 2013 should be considered the good old days. Now, the climate fraudsters have worked a position where so-called skeptics have no platform at all. Today, even this kind of non-debate would never be agreed to.

But looking at the ever-mounting case against NASA/NOAA re their temperature graphs, they probably have good reason to evade scrutiny.

Serving as just one example, government agencies have been erasing the 1940s warmth in the Eastern Arctic for decades, writes Tony Heller.

This is what the raw data for Iceland’s capital Reykjavík looks like:

And this is what the data looks like after NASA made its adjustments:

Note the tactic — cool the past in order to fabricate a warming trend where there was none before:

Removing the warmth of the 1940s (without any justification) was discussed by the world’s leading climate experts in this Climategate email:

Those at the Icelandic Met Office (IMO) couldn’t understand the adjustments.

Trausti Jónsson, senior meteorologist at the IMO, wrote in 2012 that his office was never advised as to the reason for them.

Furthermore, Jónsson said the temperature corrections “are grossly in error in the case of Reykjavík…” And when asked if the IMO intended to modify its data to match that of NASA’s/NOAA’s, Jónsson replied: “no”.

Years later, Jónsson suspiciously flipped his story, going from “the corrections are grossly in error” to “the adjustments are quite sound” — and no explanation for this change of heart was given.

And just as suspiciously, after the heat that followed NASA’s Icelandic temperature tampering debacle, Schmidt and his band of merry frauds quietly stopped adjusting Reykjavík’s data, without comment — thus confirming the removal of the 1940s warmth was without justification.

Temperature adjustments aren’t just confined to the Eastern Arctic, of course.

Government book-cooking encompasses the entire globe.

Back in 1999, NASA clearly showed that there was no net global warming from 1866 to 1976, and that 1877 was the warmest year during that interval:

Note that this looks nothing like Michael Mann’s infamous hockey stick blade, where Mann shows roughly 0.4C net warming from 1866 to 1976:

This, again, deserves explanation.

NASA/NOAA, again, give none.